Blue Apples – Candice

3279638Candice Morgan has been a troubled person, to say the least, since her youth. Most of her issues stem back to the fact that her father left her mother when she was only eight, leaving her with deep-seated abandonment issues, and before that when he was around he was cold and unloving. When he left her mother was broken and never replaced him leaving Candice with no real father figure. This is what led Candice into having boyfriend after boyfriend; she subconsciously searches for a male figure in her life. 

Candice has great difficulty keeping any job, she’d work somewhere for a few weeks before falling out with the manager or making a critical error. Instead of finding a new job Candice began drug dealing. Starting off by dealing drugs such as marijuana she moved onto the class A ‘blue apples’. 

Candice lives everyday as if it could be her last, trying to find something to keep her occupied. Seeing Silas stood up by his date excites her as to her he is an opportunity to cause some trouble.

Candice Morgan is played by Nadine Bruder.