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A One Night Stand With a Twist

I worked as cameraman on this short sketch for ‘The Jest Comedy’ group, known for stand up comedy.

Juliette’s Vidfest Diaries/Vidfest UK Extra (Videographer/Editor)

I returned to MCM in October to do another series of Vidfest Diaries with Juliette Burton.

This time, however, I did a second series of videos called Vidfest Uk Extra, here we interviewed a few other Vidfest exhibitors such as The Hillywood Shows but also spoke to several celebrities about what Comic Con meant to them.

Heartbroken – Anin Rose (Music Video Director of Photography)

A music video for the singer Anin Rose featuring contemporary dancer Marina Stoimenova.

23rd Raindance Trailer Behind the Scenes (Videographer/Editor)

For the 23rd Raindance Film Festival, Douglas Hart was hired to make a short trailer to be played before each film during the festival. I went along to film this behind the scenes video.

Juliette’s Vidfest Diaries (Videographer/Editor)

Interviews with the VidfestUK exhibitors at MCM comic con.

Raindance Production Tips (Writer/Videographer/Editor)

The series goes out on the Raindance youtube channel and is used to reach out to a wider audience.

Memory Space (Videographer/Assistant Editor)

The aim of Memory Space was to show the effect acid can have on the human mind, mixing memories, sensations and emotions. This was made possible through montage and compositing.

For The Love Of Vegetables (Videographer)

 I shot and helped edit this short ‘For The Love of Vegetables’.

2017 / 2016 / 2015 / 2014 and earlier